Blue Giant

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Dai Miyamoto’s life changes when he discovers jazz. He picks up a tenor saxophone and practices every day. After leaving his hometown, Sendai, he pursues a music career in Tokyo with help from his friend Shunji. One day, Dai plays passionately from the heart and convinces talented pianist Yukinori to start a band together. Along with Shunji, a beginner drummer, they form the three-piece band, JASS. With each live performance, they get closer and closer to their dream of playing at So Blue, the most famous jazz club in Japan, in hopes of forever changing the world of jazz.

Based on the manga by Shinichi Ishizuka, Blue Giant from Yuzuru Tachikawa is a moving ode to the power of jazz with original music by HIROMI.



"Gorgeously brought to life in a concise tale that's at separate turns heart-warming and heartbreaking, Blue Giant is a fantastic adaptation and solid anime film."


"A triumph of adaptation."

- Asian Movie Pulse

"Sharp, gorgeous, and just vaguely nostalgic, the film is a gorgeous exploration of the way music can be a guiding force to unlocking your identity, connection with others, and finding a freedom that you thought was impossible."

- But Why Tho