terms & conditions

Digital Site Licenses

Digital Site Licenses (DSL) are restricted to universities and colleges. The license allows academic libraries to host and stream a film on a university’s private internal server. This server should be accessible only by university students, faculty and staff.

It is the responsibility of the university library to rip the disc included in the order and upload it to the university server. GKIDS cannot provide hosting services.

DSL lasts for 24 months from purchase.

DSL is not available for Studio Ghibli films.

Public Performance Rights

Public Performance Rights (PPR) allow for a venue to exhibit a film twice within a year from first purchase.

For universities: Purchase grants the right to screen a film to students and faculty, on campus or school grounds, where no admission is charged. These screenings fall outside of the The Copyright Act, which allows films to be screened by a physically present teacher/instructor to enrolled students within the classroom, in which the film is an integral part of the session.

For libraries: Purchase grants the right to screen the film to library patrons (no more than 50 attendees) on library property, where no admission is charged. PPR must be purchased by each individual library branch location.

In the event any institution or library fails to uphold agreement, Public Performance Rights are subject to immediate termination without the refund of licensing fee.

Collection Subscriptions

The GKIDS Collection and the Studio Ghibli Collection are restricted to public libraries. These packages bundle Public Performance Rights to a number of our films together at a discounted rate.

Each film included in these collections is permitted up to two screenings per subscription year. For additional screenings, please email theatrical@gkids.com to receive a quote. All participating public libraries are expected to report titles screened throughout the lifetime of the license.

Screenings must be on library property, to no more than 50 attendees, with no admission charged. If you plan on hosting a screening open to an audience of over 50 attendees, wish to charge admission, or screen on DCP and/or 35mm formats, please contact theatrical@gkids.com for assistance or visit the GKIDS Bookings Form.

Subscription purchases are non-refundable after 48 hours of purchase. If you choose not to renew your subscription, Public Performance Rights will expire upon the date of initial sign-up after sending a cancellation request to theatrical@gkids.com. Otherwise, subscription renewals will be automatic using the credit card on file.

Subsequent contract years may or may not include pricing adjustments depending on various factors, including the increase or decrease of titles offered within the license.

In the event a library fails to uphold agreement, Public Performance Rights are subject to immediate termination without the refund of licensing fee.

Frequently asked questions

Is my institution eligible?

Collection subscriptions are available only to public libraries. Digital Site Licenses are available only to universities and colleges. Public Performance Rights are available to universities, colleges, high schools, and public libraries.

Other organizations and institutions should reach out via the GKIDS Bookings Form or theatrical@gkids.com to inquire about licensing.

Can I charge admission?

If you plan to charge admission, please contact theatrical@gkids.com or fill out the GKIDS Bookings Form. 

Does my order include an exhibition disc?

Blu-Rays and/or DVDs are automatically included with DSL purchases only. Public Performance Rights for Studio Ghibli titles do not come with discs, but institutions may request one if needed for other titles. For subscription purchases, see our GKIDS store or contact theatrical@gkids.com to inquire about a bulk discount on orders of 5 titles or more.

If you are ordering discs in addition to PPR, please allow 2-3 weeks for processing and shipping of your order. All shipments are made only after receipt of payment.

How long does promotional pricing for collection subscriptions last?

Promotional rates are valid for first time subscribers only. Upon renewal, libraries will be charged the regular, non-discounted rate. Subscriptions cannot be shared between library branches.

Can I screen the film off HBO Max or Netflix?

HBO Max and Netflix user agreements dictate in their Terms and Conditions that the exhibition of their titles is meant for home viewing only and cannot be used for public exhibition with a large audience.

We are a tax-exempt organization. Do you charge sales tax?

No, nontheatrical orders are not subject to tax.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) via Shopify. For purchase orders and/or check payments, please contact us at theatrical@gkids.com.

Do you offer any additional discounts?

We can offer further discounts on a case-by-case basis. In particular, high schools, public libraries, and college clubs without large budgets should reach out to theatrical@gkids.com for more information.